Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tigerstyle Remix Bally's Move It

Tigerstyle have remixed a song called Move It. Sung by Bally, Move It was originally released last year and it is the first single from her future album A Dose Of Bally. The video for the remix is the same as the original, but as with most songs they remix Tigerstyle have given Move It a brand new feel.

Along with some bass, Tigerstyle have added a few subtle touches to the track which make it sound better than the original. I particularly like the sitar sample which gives Move It a Desi vibe. As the title suggests, Move It, is made for the dancing and I can't wait to hear it on the dance floor.

Tigerstyle's remix of Move It is out on itunes now.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dub Sharma - Ah Jah

Dub Sharma, a music producer who recently worked on MTV's Sound Trippin, has released a song called Ah Jah. It's a great piece of bass filled dubstep with some interesting touches. There is a futuristic atmosphere throughout Aj Jah and the track is well balanced. I like the well timed pauses which almost gives it a meditative feel.

Ah Jah is available as a free download from Dub Sharma's facebook page here. You need to like the page before you can download it. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Tarli Digital - #Digitaal

#Digitaal is Tarli Digital’s latest album. At eleven tracks and an intro, it’s a hefty album. I like the title and the colourful album sleeve with its sharp straight lines, so the first impressions are good.

Tarli doesn’t mess around with his Bhangra, which is a good thing. Songs are kept simple and traditional. They have a classic feel to them and nothing sounds out of place. But there were a few tracks where I felt Tarli could have experimented a just a little more.

There is a good mix of singers on the album, but disappointingly there are no female ones to add a bit of variety and contrast. Dalvinder Singh sings on three of the tracks on the album. He has collaborated successfully with Tarli before and this working relationship shows in the music. The songs that Dalvinder provides the vocals for have a more modern feel and were the better tracks on the album.

The first track with Dalvinder Singh was also released as a single. Mittran De Naal Karde is made for the dance floor with plenty of dhol thanks to The Dhol Foundation who feature on the track. There is some nice bass and I expect to hear this a lot over the current wedding season.

Dil Dhak Dhak Soniye was also released as a single. I first blogged about it here at the end of January and I am still playing it. With the current weather, it’s summery vibes have come into their own and it is one of the best songs on the album.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

PBN - Saa Charju

Last summer, no party or wedding was complete without a round of PBN’s Fitteh Moo. It was refreshing, innovative and cheeky. As well as giving us a new catch phrase, Fitteh Moo revolutionised the dance floor. There were dance-offs between the guys and the girls which were fun to watch as well as take part in. So when PBN announced a sequel, I was curious to how he would do it.

Saa Charju is what PBN came up with. It’s been pretty successful and reached the top spot in BBC Asian Network’s chart. It is a good song, but I am disappointed with Saa Charju because it sounds the same as Fitteh Moo and I’m surprised that more people haven’t noticed.

There are  few differences between the two songs. The lyrics for Saa Charju are new but they borrow many lines from Fitteh Moo. PBN sings the male vocals on Saa Charju instead of Balwinder Bhatti but he manages to sound a lot like him. Both songs have the same structure, same tune, same bassline and same dhol beat. Plagiarism is a problem in Desi music, but I think this is the first instance that an Asian producer has copied his own song.

The video for Saa Charju is better and seems to have had a bigger budget than Fitteh Moo. It was right to use the same actors and dancers for continuity reasons and I am glad that the location was new and different to the usual club. However the choreography and the interaction between the girls and boys was again the same as in Fitteh Moo.

Surely an artist as innovative as PBN could come up with something new? A sequel involves developing the story and carrying it on, not just repeating it and I don‘t think PBN did enough to move the story forward. The action could have moved to India, involved other members of the couple’s family or shown them having children.

Arguably PBN has given his fans exactly what they want - more of Fitteh Moo. It’s a good move to connect with his fans and shows PBN is catering to their needs. Saa Charju is a good track, but only because it sounds like Fitteh Moo and I wonder which one DJs will prefer to play at events. If DJs play both Fitteh Moo and Saa Charju back to back, that will be over 10 minutes of PBN. Can a dance-off last that long?