Sari-Clad Speakers is a blog about Desi music. This is music from or influenced by the Indian subcontinent and includes genres such as bollywood and bhangra.

I first started commenting about the Desi music scene on a radio show that I presented for three years. In that time, I shared my love of music with others and interviewed one hit wonders along with a few artists who went on to become global mega stars.

As well as promoting Desi music on the radio, I've also written for an international news wire and worked at a German TV station where I reported on everything from Indian Independence Day to the publication of an erotic poetry book!

Disappointed about the lack of specialist independent Desi music sites offering original content, I used my media experience to create Sari-Clad Speakers. I aim to offer an honest opinion about music produced from the past and present as well as featuring artists making Desi music from all around the globe.

Music is a little like modern art - everyone has their own preferences and opinions. The views expressed on this blog are entirely my own.