Friday, 31 January 2014

Dipps Bhamrah - Twerking Jugni

Dipps Bhamrah has released Twerking Jugni. It is the first of 12 songs that the BBC Asian Network presenter is releasing as part of a year long project. 

The track features vocals from Dipps' dad K.S. Bhamrah from Apna Sangeet. It's a reworking of Jugni, which was a huge hit and still gets played at weddings. This modern version is catchy, but because the original track is so well know it sounds like a remix rather than a reworking. The video is simple and I liked the glimpse into Dipps' old school record collection.

Dipps will release another 11 tracks this year in different styles on the last Thursday of each month as part of a project called #EmbraceTheMadness.  Many artists go months or even years without releasing new material, so I'm interested to see how this project goes and if all the singles are released on time!