Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rooh Covers Sheila Ki Jawani

Rooh, a band based in Dubai, have made a cover version of Sheila Ki Jawani. It is a rock version and has a video to go with it.

The track incorporates original English vocals as well as the original Hindi ones. It starts with a melancholy feel and the way the song is turned around to show the male perspective is clever. The concept works and it one of the best cover tracks I have heard this year.

Shot in front of a crumbling building with flash backs from the night before, the video is simple but effective.  I like this more than Katrina's Kaif's attempt at raunchy dance moves.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bikram Singh - Billo Rani

Bikram Singh is getting ready to release his next single. Billo Rani releases this Thursday and is produced by Sunil Sehgal.

It's instantly recognisable as a Bikram Singh track. Billo Rani is traditional Punjabi song with an electronic edge. The lyrics are catchy with some great vocals from Bikram. Billo Rani should work well on the dancefloor and I can't wait until party season begins to try it out.

There is a video for Billo Rani. It's produced by Paranormal Media and features model-actress Asal Kara. It is shot in New York City and London, which are two of  Bikram's favourite cities.