Thursday, 31 October 2013

Last Played: October

A quick look at some of the tracks that have been playing at Sari-Clad Speakers HQ this month.

Annie Khalid feat. Rishi Rich - Tujhe Yaad Kiya

A great tune from Annie Khalid and Rishi Rich with a nice video to match. Not sure about the switch halfway through where the tempo is increased, it's as if they couldn't decide whether to make it a ballad or a dance track, but this is a song I've played quite a few times.

Zeb & Haniya - Aitebar

From the album Chup, Aitebar is cool and understated with a laid back late night jazz feel. The video is brilliant - I like how Zeb & Haniya are in the video but apart from the action. It's great to see some interesting contemporary dance that adds to the storyline.

PropheC - Oh Baby

PropheC has released a new single. Oh Baby is taken from his upcoming album Futureproof and features Sodhivine.

It's different to PropheC's usual slow ballads. Oh Baby is dance orientated but still has some soulful lyrics. There is a substantial bass section which contrasts nicely with PropheC's soft vocals.

The video depicts a high speed chase between two people who have just committed a crime. It would have been nice to see the crime and what was in the bag, but it makes a change from the usual videos. It reminded me of the video for Nindy Kaur's Akhian and I guessed the ending. I liked the shots of PropheC

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Veena Malik - Rum Rum

Veena Malik, the model and Big Boss participant, has released a new single. Rum Rum is produced by Ishq Bector and is her second song after her debut single Drama Queen.

In the press release, Veena said "Singing is my passion ... Rum is my second single, it’s fun, flirty and catchy. It’s a song everyone can dance to at parties and get you in the happy zone. Ishq has done a great job on the music." My opinion is different. Rum Rum is forgettable, full of beats I've heard before and Veena's vocals are too harsh. The song failed to get me in the happy zone and I'd leave the dance floor if it was played at a party. More Run Run, not Rum Rum!
The video is worse than the song. It has an odd storyline along with some dancing and a few long lingering shots of Veena. Veena and her friends play a game which is a combination of truth or dare and spin the bottle, but with out the dares or the kissing. They use a rum bottle with a scary face which has the power to decide if the player really is telling the truth. Don't think it will catch on any time soon.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Alaa Wardi and Peter Hollens Cover Jai Ho

Alaa Wardi and Peter Hollens have teamed up to make a cover version of Jai Ho from the film Slumdog Millionaire. This is an a capella version and uses no additional instruments, just the musicians' voices.

Jai Ho is a Bollywood song that I have heard far too many times. But this new version puts some life back into the track. This is far better than the awful Pussycat Dolls' version. 

Despite living many miles and continents apart, both artists appear in the video. I like the special effects with their heads and striped tops during the song.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Punjabi Songs in English - Beware of the Peacock

Panjabi MC's Mundiya To Bach Ke is a song that non-Punjabi speakers always ask me to translate. Now I can point them to this video by the Desi Comedy channel on youtube.

Beware of the Peacock is a translation of three famous bhangra tracks: Mundiya To Bach Ke, Morni and Imran Khan's Amplifier. The English versions highlight how the lyrics don't really make any sense. The humour isn't just limited to the musicians - watch out for some jokes from the audience too!