Sunday, 30 June 2013

Talal Qureshi Remixes Rita Morar's Piya

Talal Qureshi, whose music was called the sound of the future by Bobby Friction, has released his version of Rita Morar's Piya on SoundCloud. It's a great remix which keeps Rita's beautiful vocals intact. I liked the atmosphere in the original track and Talal has skillfully retained it. There is something special about this version and I think I like it better than the original.

Last Played: June

Last Played is a new feature on Sari-Clad Speakers. At the end of each month I will be sharing what I've been listening to and highlighting new tracks which I didn't get round to blogging about.

Raj Bains & PBN - Superstar

Despite the average video, this is a song that has grown on me. It has a modern classic feel that reminds of the big bhangra tracks of the 90s. Raj Bains is a talented vocalist and I want to hear more from him. Perfect for playing during this year's wedding season.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Luv Randhawa feat. Bikram Singh and Nick Chowlia - Tohar Vekh Kai

Luv Randhawa has gone international with his latest single. Tohar Vekh Kai features the vocals of Bikram Singh and production from Nick Chowlia. 

This cross border collaboration has modern and more traditional sections. Tohar Vekh Kai paired together two strong vocalists who both sing well. I liked how Luv and Bikram sang together and the vocals were my favourite part of the track. But at times I could barely hear them as their vocals were drowned out by foghorns and other loud instruments.

The video is good. Set in New York it is simple and has a laid back feel. I liked the urban landscape and the instagram like effects. See if you can spot a big blue furry monster about half way through!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

M.I.A - Bring The Noize

M.I.A., who sang with Madonna and Nicky Minaj at last year's Super Bowl, has released a new video. Bring The Noize. It is produced by Switch and Surkin and is taken from her forthcoming album Matangi.

M.I.A.'s videos are always different and complex. Bring The Noize  is packed with religious imagery and opens with a Sikh guy putting on his turban and a flashing Om sign. Some of the religious references are more subtle. Everyone is dressed in white and the etched gold portraits look like they belong in a baroque church. I've been trying to find a link between the religious imagery and the song, but can't think of a clever one. 

The song is typical M.I.A. and is different to the laid back Bad Girls. The beat is catchy and has an urgent tribal feel to it. The lyrics are fast paced and there is so much packed into the track. Towards the end, the song slows down and becomes more contemplative. It's like a built in chill out to recover from the track. Different and effective.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Cornershop Quartet Minus 1 - Kharku

Rudhi Records, a humorous parody bhangra project masterminded by DJ Stin, has launched its very own boy band. The Corner Shop Quartet Minus 1 have launched a teaser of their version of Diljit Dosanjh's Kharku. 

Surprisingly, it's actually quite a good cover version. I like the acapella harmonies, something that is rarely seen in bhangra. DJ Stin's very English pronunciation of the lyrics is hilarious and the corner shop / barbershop reference is clever.  

It's nice to see something original and funny in the bhangra world. I'm curious as to how far DJ Stin will go with this project and what crazy ideas Rudhi Records will come up with next. 


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Rimshox - Alter Ego

Rimshox has released a new track on his SoundCloud page. Alter Ego is an engaging electronic track with some happy club vibes. It's a mix of styles, a hint of vocals and instruments that work well together. Alter Ego has a sunny feel to to it and it's peppy without being too heavy on the bass. I did think it was a bit short as it ended just as I was properly getting into it, so make sure to use the repeat button!

If you like Alter Ego as much as I do you can download it from Rimshox's SoundCloud page.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sukhi Dosanjh - Ghagre Dee

Sukhi Dosanjh, a Glaswegian singer who writes his own poetry, is releasing his debut single this week. Ghagre Dee has been produced by Tigerstyle.

It's a traditional bhangra track with plenty of dhol. Ghagre Dee is a party song that should appeal to people of all ages. The lyrics are onomatopoeic and easy to sing along to. I like the timeless feel of the song. Sukhi is working on an album and I look forward to hearing more from him.

Ghagre Dee releases on Soldier Sound Recordings on 20th June.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Middleman, G Deep & Juggy D - De De Gerah

Middleman, who has remixed everything from Jay Sean's 2012 to Diljit Dosanj's Pee Paa, has released a new track. De De Gerah features Juggy D and G Deep.

The single is catchy with some happy summery vibes. There are influences of electronica and house alongside the bhangra. This will work well at parties during the wedding season.

The Punjabi lyrics are traditional and sound familiar and timeless, but there are few English words halfway through the song which sound odd. G Deep and Juggy D work well as vocalists and I like the mix of their voices.

The video hasn't been released yet, but the preview shows the artists in a hipster pad with white washed walls. They are seated on a vintage sofa and an upright bike. It's nice to see bhangra artists somewhere else other than a club, but did they still need to wear their sunglasses?

Monday, 10 June 2013

The BBC Brings Bizet to Bollywood Via Bradford

Last night the city of Bradford was turned into a film set for Bollywood Carmen Live. BBC Three's Bollywood adaptation of Bizet's opera was broadcast live from the centre of Bradford.

It featured well-known faces including Meera Syal, Preeya Khalidas and Abhay Deol. Honey Kalaria did the choreography and taught the 3,000 members of the audience a dance routine. It was an ambitious project and it was nice to see something Bollywood inspired on the TV.

Music is a significant part in opera and Bollywood films. However Bollywood Carmen Live was let down by the music and the songs. Kuljit Bhamra had arranged the music and I was looking forward to Bizet's score fused with Desi beats. Instead there was a mix of contemporary English pop songs, overplayed Bollywood tunes and the desecration of some Bollywood classics.

Songs by Rihanna, Adele and Kesha were used in the retelling of Carmen. Why were they in the show when they have no connection to  Bollywood or Bizet? The title song from Khabi Khabie and Hari Krishna Hari Ram were given English lyrics and the whole effect was cringe worthy. Chammak Challo, Panjabi MC's Mundiya To Bach Ke and the Pussycat Doll's version of Jai Ho were also used. These songs are good, but they are old,  use western vocalists and arguably are not typical Bollywood songs. Mundiya is over 10 years old - it's as if the last decade of bhangra never happened. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Superjones - Straight Ruffneck

Superjones, a producer who has worked with DCS and remixed Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's vocals, has released a new track. Straight Ruffneck features the vocals of drum and bass duo the Ragga Twins. 

The single is taken from Superjones' upcoming EP Kill The Shadow. Straight Ruffneck is a hard hitting dubstep track with a dark grimy atmosphere. There are some nice contrasts between the vocals and the introduction. According to Superjones a ‘Straight Ruffneck’ "is someone who is not afraid to go against
the norm, be different or challenge authority."

An American born Afgan artist Aman Mojadidi made the artwork for the single. It is part of a project called A Day in the Life of a Jihadi Gangster. I'm surprised it has not yet been featured on one of the many turban based style websites!