Monday, 28 November 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di? The Remixes

The sincerest form of flattery is imitation. In the music world, this translates to remixes. Why This Kolaveri Di is India's biggest hit right now and the remixes and cover versions are already appearing. In this post I present some of the wierd and wonderful versions of Why This Kolaveri Di in one handy list.

The Carnatic Fusion Kolaveri Di

The Psychedelic Trance Kolaveri Di

The Calvin Harris Mash Up Kolaveri Di

The Heavy Metal Kolaveri Di

 The Violin Instrumental Kolaveri Di

The Highpitched Dance Kolaveri Di
  The Crazy Hip Hop Kolaveri Di
The Anti Corruption Kolaveri Di

There are probably more Why This Kolaveri Di remixes out there and probably a few more to come. If there are any more good ones, there will be an updated list! 


Sarala said...

sad tat none of them are downloadable :(

Dee Kay said...

Sarala, the hip hop mix, the metal version and the Calvin Harris mash up are downloadable. You have to go to the soundcloud page and you will find the links there.

madconventie80! said...

nice compilation