Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bhangra for Germany at Euro 2012

When Germany play Italy tonight in the semi-final stage of Euro 2012 they will have some Indian football supporters watching them. Two brothers called Lovely and Monty who live in Hamburg have sung a bhangra song in German to support their country's team.  

Oh Germany We Love You uses traditional instruments and has a typical bhangra beat, but the lyrics to the song are German instead of Punjabi. The song praises the team and states that the Germans will be the winners. Oh Germany We Love You is not as sophisticated when compared to the other German song sung for the tournament by Roger Cicero, but the enthusiasm the brothers show for their adopted country is brilliant. I love the football scarf wrapped around the turban. 

Lovely and Monty Bhangu moved to Hamburg from India 28 years ago and worked as taxi drivers. They made music as a hobby and played their songs while driving. Their German passangers enjoyed the bhangra that they heard in the taxi but complained that they could not understand the Punjabi vocals. So the brothers decided to write German lyrics for their songs and even made a music video starring their customers as backing dancers.

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