Thursday, 21 March 2013

Guru - Chhad Gayi

A singer songwriter called Guru has released his debut single. Chhad Gayi featured as Nihal's record of the week on Asian Network and there is a nice video to go with the song. 

The video opens with a shot of Guru playing the piano under a tree surrounded by autumn leaves. It tells the story of his relationship with a girl as he busks around London.There are some lovely sweeping arty shots and the video is well put together. Subtle messages tell the story and I had to watch it to pick them all up. I liked the red bus over Tower Bridge and symbolic closing of the piano lid as a sign that the relationship was over.

The song is as good as the video. Chhad Gayi is slow, sad and soulful. It shows off Guru's excellent vocals, which sound mature for someone so young. The song has a haunting quality which matches the scenes in the video.

Overall, this is a lovely debut from a talented singer and I hope to hear more from Guru soon.

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