Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nindy Kaur Is Doin' It Big With RDB

Nindy Kaur, who used to save up her lunch money to buy bhangra records, has released a version of RDB's We Doin' It Big featuring her vocals. The release is a Vaisakhi present to her fans and the original video has also been edited to include her.

Nindy's vocals are a nice addition to We Doin' It Big and bring a female touch to what was a very male dominated track. The shots of Nindy in the video are recycled from past performances and music videos but I would have liked to see some new footage.
Why didn't Nindy feature in the original release of We Doin' It Big? Earlier this year in an interview for Sari-Clad Speakers, Surj said that We Doin' It Big had been composed and recorded with Nindy's vocals. However, she was not available for the video shoot so it was decided to leave Nindy's vocals out of the original track. 

We Doin' It Big feat. Nindy Kaur is available to download for free from the Three Records SoundCloud page.

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