Monday, 26 May 2014

Take Five: Goodness Gracious Me

Tonight the legenddary codeey show Goodness Gracious Me returns to our screens to celebrate BBC Two's 50th birthday. Along with great characters such as Smita Smitten and Mr Everything Comes From India, I always looked forward to the songs. Here are five that have stuck in my mind. 

Kiss My Chuddies 

From the Bhangra Muffins  Kiss My Chuddies was an original song from the very first television episode. It summed up everything about the Asian rude boy of the time. Shot outdoors it was visually funny and contains the unforgettable image of a teletubbie kissing Kulvinder Ghir.

Punjabi Girl

A parody of Aqua's Barbie Girl, Punjabi Girl was one of the funniest songs the show produced. Featuring the now real life couple Meera Syal and Sanjeev Baskar as Barbie and Ken, the song charted  I preferred the radio version as it was closer to the original Aqua version and the lyrics seemed much more shocking.

Hindi People 

From the second series, this cover of Pulp's Common People looked at the fashion of being Indian and adopting certain aspects of the culture.

Club Nirvana

The Guru's sung about Club Nirvana while they admired younger women. A cover of Club Tropicana by Wham!, it parodied the video as well as the song. 

I Know Him So Well

Featuring a young Amanda Holden as the white girlfriend, this duet perfectly sums up two sides of an Asian man.

Bonus: Bhangra Man

Technically not a song, but music related, Bhangra Man was a character that was popular in the radio shows didn't appear until the third series of the television show. The idea of having special powers that involve dancing and Channi Singh's trousers is hilarious.

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