Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Take Five: Unreleased Tracks

It's an ongoing joke that the release dates of Asian music albums, especially Bhangra ones, suffer from Indian timing. But some of them never even get properly released. Here are five tracks that have never been officially for sale.

DJ Vips - Udeekan

Udeekan was the title track to Party Time 2 by DJ Vips, a follow up to the successful Party Time. Like many Bhangra albums, the release date got pushed back until it just disappeared. The track got huge amounts of airplay back in 2006, but it's still a mystery as to why it was never officially released. 

Punk-A-Wallahs - Desi on the Streets of Calcutta

DesiOnTheStreetsOfCalcutta from PATHAAN on Myspace.

Getting permission to use Ananda Shankar's Streets of Calcutta in this remix to release it would probably be impossible. This is probably the reason why Pathaan aka the Punk-A-Wallahs never released it. It's a great remix, keeping the funky vibe of the original but adding some modern touches.

Enalay - Galla Gooria / Sky High

From the girl group formerly known as Rouge, Sky High was the track that would relaunch them to success as Enalay. It got airplay on Radio 1 in prime slots from Scott Mills and Nihal at the beginning of 2012, but was never released. The big relaunch never happened and the group's twitter profile has been inactive since 2012. Perhaps the girls were too busy with their day jobs as a doctor and dentist.

Goodness Gracious Me - Kiss Your Massi

It's a shame this song wasn't even fully made, let alone released. From the Goodness Gracious Me reunion, this spoof of Mary Poppins was brilliant. This version of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was my favourite. The sing-a-long lyrics were a nice touch. 

Sharmaji - Radha Prepares

Radha Prepares with Samita from Sharmaji--Sub Swara--Low Motion Records on Myspace.

Featuring the vocals of Sunita Sinha, Radha Prepares appeared on Sharmaji's myspace page at the end of 2007. It's subtle, but dark and engaging. I hoped it would be released on a compilation album or as free download, but it sadly never was.

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