Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tigerstyle - Kawan 2 Remix EP

Tigerstyle are getting ready to release the Kawan 2 Remix EP, which is out tomorrow. Bikram Singh and Gunjan's reinterpretation of their own modern classic has at last received the Digi-Bhang treatment.

The remix version of Kawan 2 is a great EDM track. It has depth, sparkle and three impressive drops. However, for me the original Kawan remix works better than the remix of Kawan 2. The vocals and lyrics are an important in both versions of Kawan. When Bikram and Gunjan sing together, it's gorgeous. But in this remix of Kawan 2, the vocals were cut substantially and I missed them.

The remix has a video. Its dark mood mirrors the track and the two work well together. It is impressive and simple, two things other Bhangra producers should be aiming for in their videos.

There are three other remixes on on the EP and these are the real surpise. Rather than hand over Kawan 2 to other producers to remix, as with the Digi-Bhang singles, Tigerstyle have released tracks that didn't quite make it to release originally. Delhi 2 Dublin's interpretation of Ki Faida has a lightness and bounce to it that works well. In an email Pops said this missed the deadline for the original Ki Faida release, but was so good it needed to be released. Gidhe Vich, Gidhe Vich is a track that solidly hits the mark. This was dropped from Mystics, Martyrs and Maharajahs in favour of the reggaeton mix, but I live this version better.

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