Friday, 28 September 2012

Delhi 2 Dublin Turn Up The Stereo

Thanks to the internet music is now a global industry. Artists can connect instantly with their fans all across the world. So it makes little sense to release music in just one country. I was devastated when iTunes told me Delhi 2 Dublin’s new album was only available in Canada. However, when browsing their website looking for international release dates, I found that fans outside Canada could purchase Turn Up The Stereo directly from the band’s website. But only for a limited time.

Delhi 2 Dublin have a sound like no other musicians I have heard and are one of the few bands who properly fuse different cultures together. Turn Up The Stereo is full of rich tones, dancing rhythms and intelligent instrumentation. The tracks are energetic and uplifting. As with their previous albums I did have to listen to Turn Up The Stereo a few times before I liked it, but by about the third listen the album was on repeat.

Turn Up The Stereo kicks off with Our House. Out of all the tracks, this was the one that stuck in my head most and I won‘t be able to look at an Indian house without yelling “sadi koti“.

ILove has a gorgeous sitar section and I wish it had featured more. The title track of the album has festival atmosphere and some nice tempo changes. Turn Up The Stereo also has a great energetic violin solo.

She Moved is much more Dublin than Delhi. With its slow speed and haunting female vocals, this provides a complete contrast to the other songs on the album. It’s almost like a break to let the listener pause for breath after dancing around to the other tracks.

The longest song on the album is Tabla Boy and it is probably my favourite track on the album. It’s slower and softer than the previous songs. There are hints of melodious old school Bollywood. I loved the tabla section half way through.

Verdict: The sounds that Delhi 2 Dublin make are a colourful catchy mishmash. Unlike the album art, this should be listened to on full volume without headphones. If you don’t live in Canada, get Turn Up The Stereo now, otherwise you won’t get your hands on it until 2013.

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