Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Josh - Meri Dua

JoSH have released a video to Meri Dua. The video uses a house remix of the track rather than the original version released on their album Beyond Kismat. The band's last video for Yeh Zameen was spectacular and JoSH have have followed this up with another love story, but one that is very different.

Meri Dua is produced by Tom Glass and the first two minutes of this mini movie set the scene. Rup works as a mechanic with Q as his supervisor. Gia Sandhu stars as Rup's girlfriend and the viewer sees that despite some tender moments, the relationship is troubled as Gia spurns Rup's bracelet and locks herself in the bathroom during an argument. 

The action happens in the second half of the video. On a night out Gia is upset when Rup chats with another girl. Gia leaves and Rup sends Q to calm her down. After talking to another girl and brushing off her seduction attempt Rup goes to find Gia. He walks into the garage only to find Gia in Q's arms. Outraged, he punches Q and the video ends with them looking at each other.

Back in June when news of the video was first released, there were reports that the scenes of betrayal, intoxication and violence in the video would be controversial. However, the content is no more shocking than in any Bollywood action film. We are used to seeing Rup and Q as friends, so when they start fighting  it's a shock. The acting is good. Rup looks genuinely distraught when he walks into the garage and Q looks hurt from being punched.

I'm not too fond of the remix and prefer the album version, but the house mix of Meri Dua fits the modern look of the video. Even though I predicted the end, the story line was well thought out. I liked the fast pace of the video and how so much was packed into just a few minutes. The first section allows the viewer to get to know the characters enough to feel betrayed with Rup. The ending was atmospheric and leaves the viewer to wonder what happens next.

Overall this is another good video from JoSH. With an engaging story line, a love triangle, and a fight scene, Meri Dua has it all.

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