Wednesday, 28 November 2012

MoFolactic feat. G-ta - Haa!

MoFolactic, one half of the Australian DJ and production duo MixtaBishi and MoFolactic, has released a new song featuring g-ta. Haa! is a bhangra meets bass track with Amar Singh providing some great traditional Punjabi vocals.

The video for Haa! pokes fun at aspects of the bhangra industry, particularly ghost production. This is when artists pay producers (ghost producers) for songs which they then pass off as their own. It also mocks the use of scantily clad models and expensive flashy cars in bhangra videos.

Haa! starts off with a faux news report about Asian men resorting to ghost production to attract women. It then shows a DJ using MoFolactic as a ghost producer and follows him as he makes his video. There are contemporary references throughout and little jokes - I particularly liked the Stig dancing and the the guy reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Dr Zeus had a cameo role in the video and his shots were a nice contrast to the funny scenes. The last minute of the video shows some outtakes and how to make a man cry.

With it's heavy bass and strong vocals, the song is great but the video is sheer genius. It succeeds in getting the point across and being funny at the same time. A lot of though has gone into the making of Haa! and I wish other bhangra videos were as clever as this one.

If you like Haa! you can download the track from MoFolactic's  facebook page here, or wait until the the 6th December when it is available on iTunes.

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