Friday, 9 November 2012

RDB - We Doin' It Big

RDB, the brothers who were dubbed "the Asian So Solid Crew" by The Face magazine, are finally ready to release their next single tomorrow. We Doin' It Big features Smooth and Raftaar, who are the latest artists to sign to Three Records.

The video for the song promises to be bigger that the song. We Doin' It Big features 34 of the biggest names in the British Asian music industry alongside Surj and Manj. Apache Indian, DCS, DJ Sanj, Dr Zeus, H Dhami, Jassi Sidhu, Jaz Dhami, Jazzy, B, Jind Mahi, Juggy D,  Metz 'n' Trix, Panjabi MC, Surrinder Rattan and Tigerstyle are some of the artists who will make an appearance in the video.

We Doin' It Big is an upbeat positive track. It's instantly recognisable as an RDB track and has a slow laid back groove to it with plenty of added bass. The number of pre-orders on iTunes has been high and I'm sure it will go to the top of the charts when it released.

It's worth highlighting how RDB have promoted We Doing' It Big. All too often artists release a short teaser a few weeks before release which they promote constantly and usually run out of steam by the offical release date. However, RDB have been giving us hints of what they have been up to since August and have built up the hype slowly. Photos on social media from both RDB and other artists involved in the video have given fans tantalising glimpses of the action. 

Along with the photos, their are no less than four promo videos. One is particularly poignant as it shows Kuly with Manj and Surj recording the track in their studio. The other teasers show Surj flying a helicopter and the making of the video. 

Here is a handy round up of all the promo videos.

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