Thursday, 31 October 2013

Last Played: October

A quick look at some of the tracks that have been playing at Sari-Clad Speakers HQ this month.

Annie Khalid feat. Rishi Rich - Tujhe Yaad Kiya

A great tune from Annie Khalid and Rishi Rich with a nice video to match. Not sure about the switch halfway through where the tempo is increased, it's as if they couldn't decide whether to make it a ballad or a dance track, but this is a song I've played quite a few times.

Zeb & Haniya - Aitebar

From the album Chup, Aitebar is cool and understated with a laid back late night jazz feel. The video is brilliant - I like how Zeb & Haniya are in the video but apart from the action. It's great to see some interesting contemporary dance that adds to the storyline.

Fusion feat. Sona Walia - Aashiqi

The debut from rapper Fusion, Aashiqi features Sona Walia and was produced by Kam Frantic. A track with plenty of bass, it's perfect for the dance floor. However, I do think of this as a track as Sona's rather than Fusion's. Her vocals are much stronger than his and if his rapping hadn't been on the track, I wouldn't have missed it. The video is the typical for a debut artist - sunglasses, cars and a model. I'm not sure why a model needed to mime Sona's vocals as Sona is stunning in the video. Where was the attractive male model to mime Fusion's vocals? The Gorilla Chilla remix of the track is also worth a listen.

Talvin Singh - One


The opening track from Ha, One is the longest track on the album. With soft vocals and intricate beats, it has a meditative quality. It's easy and enjoyable to get drawn into the track and each time I've listened to it this month it doesn't feel like it's 12 minutes long. The ending is nothing short of spectacular.

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