Sunday, 27 October 2013

Veena Malik - Rum Rum

Veena Malik, the model and Big Boss participant, has released a new single. Rum Rum is produced by Ishq Bector and is her second song after her debut single Drama Queen.

In the press release, Veena said "Singing is my passion ... Rum is my second single, it’s fun, flirty and catchy. It’s a song everyone can dance to at parties and get you in the happy zone. Ishq has done a great job on the music." My opinion is different. Rum Rum is forgettable, full of beats I've heard before and Veena's vocals are too harsh. The song failed to get me in the happy zone and I'd leave the dance floor if it was played at a party. More Run Run, not Rum Rum!
The video is worse than the song. It has an odd storyline along with some dancing and a few long lingering shots of Veena. Veena and her friends play a game which is a combination of truth or dare and spin the bottle, but with out the dares or the kissing. They use a rum bottle with a scary face which has the power to decide if the player really is telling the truth. Don't think it will catch on any time soon.

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