Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Take Five: Epic Songs

Today's Take Five is lists 5 songs that are incredibly long but well worth listening to. I have decided not to include remixes or live performances in the following list, as that would be cheating!

Guide - Piya Tose Naina 

This is an epic song in an epic film. At eight and a half minutes, this is almost a movie itself. The song is beautifully shot. Numerous costume and location changes and complex choreography keep the viewer interested. Waheeda Rahman is superb in this RD Burman song and Lata's vocals are amazing.

Talvin Singh - Traveller

Talvin Singh is no stranger to writing long tracks. From the album OK, the full version of Traveller is 11 minutes and 18 seconds but this was the longest version that I could find on the internet. Even though the album is over a decade old, it still sounds fresh and new. One to drift away to

Raja Tilak - Aaja to Aaja

Not only is this an epic song, it's also an epic dance off. From the 1958 film Raja Tilak, Aaja to Aaja shows a dance starring Padmini and Vyjayanthimala who are probably the best dancers from that era.Unusually for a song of nine minutes, there are no costume changes and no location changes. The dancing is enough to hold the viewer's attention. Asha Bhosle and Sudha Malhotra provide the vocals. My only wish is that it had been shot in colour to show off the amazing jewellery and costumes.

Cornershop - Spectral Mornings

From the underrated album Hand Cream for a New Generation, Spectral Mornings is one very long sitar funk track. At over 14 minutes long, this is one psychedelic party that never ends and when it does end I press the repeat button. This track has a sixties feel to it, yet feels modern at the same time. Radically different to the much loved Brimful of Asha.

Sahotas - Chal Balliyeh

Bhangra songs are usually very short and do not last longer than about 4 minutes. Perhaps it's because the dhol player's arms get tired! But Chal Balliyeh from the 1989 Aaja album is quite long at over 6 minutes and 43 seconds and was one of the longest bhangra songs I could find. Surj Sahota's vocals are stunning.

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