Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Raghav - Top Of The World

Random fact for the day: people who run mobile discos have some of the highest vehicle insurance costs because they tend to travel at night and they work in places where people tend to drink lots of alcohol. Raghav probably didn’t realise this when shooting the video for Top of the World, which sees him hosting a travelling mobile party in the back of a truck.

The video starts by zooming in from outer space to show two men driving in a truck discussing Raghav’s song. It then cuts to Raghav arguing with his girlfriend and when she drives away without him the truck gives him a lift. The back of the vehicle is empty except for a DJ who is conveniently playing Raghav’s single. The truck gradually picks up passengers and shots alternate between a full party truck and Raghav inside it on his own. The vehicle eventually comes to a stop somewhere high where it overlooks the bright lights of the city and the viewer zooms back out again into space.

Raghav seems to get over his heartbreak pretty quickly as halfway through the video he starts dancing with a brunette who looks similar to the girl he argued with at the beginning. It’s probably easier to get up close and personal with someone in a confined space like a truck than in a larger venue. I did wonder if it was the same woman as the looked so alike, but after a few viewings I think they are different girls. There is nothing in the storyline of the video to suggest that they get back together.

Pop- up venues like shops and restaurants are currently in fashion, but I’ve never seen them operate whilst moving. The truck must have been driving on straight roads as I can’t imagine dancing in a moving vehicle is very safe if there are bends in the road. The lack of seat belts (or even seats) gives this video a “do not try this at home” rating. The dangers of hitchhiking were also overlooked in this video.

Despite my safety concerns, this is one of those videos that makes you wish you had been a part of it. The concept of a party in a moving truck is quirky and fresh. Everyone seems to be having so much fun in a small confined space that lacks a bar, a flashing disco ball and a place to hang your coat.

Overall this is a great music video, even if the argument at the start between Raghav and his girl felt out of place with the rest of it. This is fun, different and such a joy to watch that it leaves you smiling.

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