Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Take Five: Amazing Album Only Tracks

Today's Take Five is inspired by a tweet from JoSH band member Q. On 7th January he said :
"There are so many amazing songs in albums that don't get heard because they don't have videos. Listen to albums people! Lots of gems there!"
Back in the days before youtube and soundcloud existed it was impossible to hear teasers of all the track like now. You usually only got to hear the main single from the album and had to judge from that if the CD was worth buying. I usually bought albums after loving the promoted track and often found there was a song on there that I liked better than the featured track. Here are five songs that were overlooked, underrated and lacked the promotion of the main tracks.

 Imran Khan - Peli Waar

For some people, Imran Khan is synonymous with Amplifier. I however prefer Peli Waar from the album Unforgettable. It uses guitars and has a rock feel to it which is so different to the other songs on the album. Imran's vocals are brilliant on this track and it does not start to get annoying after a few listens.  

JoSH - Yeh Zameen
Out of all the songs on Beyond Kismat, Pyar Ho Gaya is the one that got its own video. But in my opinion Yeh Zameen is much better. It has a lovely soulful sound that I instantly associate with JoSH. A beautiful soft track that is sadly a well-kept secret.   

Gunjan - Jo Bhi Kuch Hai

Gunjan deserves an award for the video to Tum Mile. From the album Goonj this video was incredibly glamorous and Gunjan looked amazing in all her different outfits. But it was Jo Bhi Kuch Hai that I played the most. This track had a slightly dark feel to it and the production by Tigerstyle was brilliant.

Swami - Shakedown

From the album Equalize, this is a track that should have been a worldwide bhangra anthem. The album had so many great songs on it that Shakedown was overlooked in favour of Hey Hey and Ching. This is modern bhangra with a great bass line that sounds traditional yet futuristic at the same time.   

B21 - Chitia Kipha Dia

From the 1998 album By Public Demand, Chitia Kipha Dia used a sample from Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. This was a great song and not as cheesy as it sounds! Chandighar was the main track on the album and it was used at parties for years after its release.

Any other album tracks that should be added to this list? 

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