Friday, 27 January 2012

Tigerstyle - Kudi

Tigerstyle, the musicians, producers and brothers from Glasgow, have released a teaser of their forthcoming single Kudi on soundcloud. Rani Randeep provides traditional Punjabi lyrics, but there is a heavy bass line and plenty of electronic sounds which make this so much more than an average bhangra song. As with all Tigerstyle tracks the production is slick and the beats are infectious. If you liked Bol Bol Bol from the album  Mystics, Martyrs and Maharajas, you will love this track.

Kudi is taken from their EP Digi-Bhang. A few radio programmes have already played Kudi, including Nihal who premiered the song when his show was at 7pm over the new year. The single is out on the 23rd February and will feature remixes of the song by Shizzio, G-ta and Nucleya as well as an instrumental version.

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