Monday, 29 October 2012

Desi Gangnam Style

Almost everyone all over the world has heard of Gangnam Style, the Korean pop single that is the most like video in youtube history. The song has spawned numerous remixes and parodies. But apart from incorporating Gangnam Style into dances at Asian weddings, very few of these parodies have a Desi theme. There have been a few bhangra remixes put onto youtube, but they were so bad that they were not worth blogging about.

Finally there is a good Desi remix of Gangnam Style. Mickey Singh has come up with a Punjabi version that pays tribute to PSY's hit without destroying it. Unlike the other remixes, the use of dhol is kept to a minimum which doesn't drown out the Gangnam instrumental. The lyrics are in Punjabi and work well with the Gangam theme. There is definitely a bhangra flavour to the remix and is almost as crazy as the original. It is a pity that this remix has been released now at the end of the wedding season, as I think it would have worked well on the dancefloor at Desi weddings.

If you like the Desi remix of Gangnam Style, you can download it  from Mickey Singh's SoundCloud page here.

Hat Tip to UrbanAsian

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