Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tigerstyle - Ay-Ha!

Tigerstyle, whose music featured on the soundtrack of a video game called Project Gotham 3, are releasing their new single Ay-Ha! tomorrow. Ay-Ha! is the third song from their upcoming album Digi-Bhang.

The track kicks off with some inventive beat boxing before launching into a  loud and proud bhangra dance track. However, as this is a song from Tigerstyle it is no ordinary bhangra dance track. Traditional vocals from Sarbjeet Kaur and Billa Bakshi are set against some heavy bass and choppy beats. The various effects and instruments blend well together and the track makes an instant aural impact.

Ay-Ha! should please those who thought Ik Banere neglected bhangra fans. Whilst not as unique as Ik Banere, Ay-Ha! is far more accessible. However, it is significantly shorter than both Ik Banere and Kudi. I have listened to the complete track but just I was getting into it, the song finished. As there is so much going on another minute would have helped to process all the great new sounds that Tigerstyle are throwing out. 

As with the other two singles, Ay-Ha comes with remixes and an instrumental version. The four remixes each have a unique take on the track, but the Kumerachi remix is my favourite with the Jakez Hench remix in second place. The Kumerachi remix manages to slow the track down without completly changing its identity. If ever there was a bhangra party on the rings of the planet Saturn, this is what it would sound like.

The video for Ay-Ha! also releases tomorrow and will feature a Glasgow based dance crew called #1Blud. Having found the group on youtube, I am curious to see the choreography for Ay-Ha! and how the video is put together. I loved the video for Ik Banere, so this one has alot to live up to!

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