Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jind Mahi - Saday Naal

Jind Mahi, the latest signing at Three Records, has released his debut single and a video to go with it. Saday Naal is taken from his debut album Like Father Like Son, which is a collaboration with his father and Binder Pasla.

The video starts with Jind sitting at a piano and singing his story about his love for a girl. This story was slightly confusing and I had to watch it a few times before I understood it. The woman starring in the video showed little emotion or expression and it was hard to work out whether she was the unrequited love interest, wronged victim or had done something wrong herself. The story line would have felt more developed had there been less shots of Jind singing and the shot in the bedroom should have been longer to clarify it.

Saday Naal has a reflective mellow mood. The piano used in the introduction gives way to more electronic sounds. The beats used change tempo throughout the song. It's a clever technique and means that the feel of the song changes constantly. Jind's vocals are good and give Saday Naal a memorable haunting quality.

Overall, this is a good debut from Jind Mahi despite a slightly confusing storyline. I look forward to hearing more from this new artist.

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