Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Miss Neelam's Magical Nail Polishes

Often when listening to songs in Hindi or Punjabi I wonder if I understand them correctly because the lyrics are so bizarre. A song by Punjabi artist called Miss Neelam made me do just this. Nail Polishan is a song and video about a girl who changes her nail polish daily so it matches with the shirt colour of the guy she likes.

There are a few obvious flaws in the concept - how does Miss Neelam know what colours the guy will be wearing in advance and what if she didn't have a certain colour that matched? Despite these flaws, the guy magically notices her nails and the love story begins. There is even a twist in the tale when the guy changes his top so it doesn't match, but by the end of the video the pair are an item.

In the real world, I can't imagine this method would work to attract a man (and it may even damage your nails) but for a music video the concept is sweet and girly. It's also original and much funnier than other videos by Punjabi singers that I have seen. Nail art has become incredibly popular all over the world, but I never thought I would see it in a Punjabi music video. 

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