Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Take Five: Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is the viral video of the century and the pop single of the millenium. Everyone has heard the biggest song ever to come out of Korea. Here are five Desi versions of Psy's masterpiece.

D'Elusive - Punjabi Gangnam Style 
This hilarious video and song combination gives Gangnam Style a Punjabi twist. The Punjabi lyrics are great and I love the way "Sohni Kudiye" replaces "Sexy Lady". The stars of the video are not afraid to make fun of themselves

Panjabi Hit Squad - The VIP Desi Mix
Panjabi Hit Squad have cleverly incorporated lots of well known Bhangra tracks into their remix. Sadi Gali by RDB, Hai Hai by Panjabi Hit Squad, High Heels by Jaz Dhami, Has Has by Surinder Rattan and Metz n Trix and Janeeman by Raxstar are all set against PSY's crazy vocals. 

Bollywood NYC Gangnam Style
This energetic version of Gangnam Style takes to the streets of New York. It incorporates of flashmob style antics, story telling and has a few sections of chorographed moves. The mix of Gangnam Style used for the video is by DDS.

DJ Harvey - High Heels vs. Gangnam Style 
High Heels  by Jaz Dhami was one of the big hits this summer so it made sense to mix two huge tracks together. It's a pretty good mash up which breaths some life into two songs that have been played non-stop. 

Desi Dance Remix
This video of a man having a great time dancing to the bemusment of those around him has been circulating the internet for a while. Some genius has taken his crazy dance moves and set them to Gangnam Style. Very simple, but so brilliant and effective.

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