Thursday, 10 January 2013

Foji - Whatever!

Foji, the singer who staged a bhangra flash mob in Birmingham, has released the video for his latest single. Whatever! is taken from Foji’s next album and features the vocals of Sudesh Kumari.

The video is split between a performance of the song and the story of how drinking affects the lives of three couples. One of these couples is BBC Asian Network presenter Tommy Sandhu and Big Brother participant Deana Uppal.

The faux retro performance of the song with its sepia tint and lines was lovely. I would have been content if the video was just this. I liked how the storyline was set in the homes of the couples rather than at a party or in a club. The couples story was interesting but needed to be developed more. Each couple could have had a slightly different story to prevent it feeling repetitive.

I’m confused as to why Foji decided to call the song Whatever!. "Whatever" is not in the main lyrics of the song and the women’s attitude towards the drinking of their partners is not whatever, they are clearly hurt by the men's drinking. More thought was needed when planning this idea. 

The song itself is good. As wedding season come around again I can see this as a girls versus boys number. Sudesh Kumari’s vocals are great and I love the traditional feel to the track.

Overall, this video has a nice set up and a good storyline, but could have done with some more development. Foji usually produces videos that are different and Whatever! is an interesting video to watch.

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