Saturday, 12 January 2013

Swami - Back It Up

Swami, whose name is an abbreviation of the phrase "so who am I", have just released their first single from their forthcoming album Upgrade. Back It Up comes in two different mixes: a Desi Mix in Hindi-Punjabi and an Original Mix in English.

Back It Up is instantly recognisable as a Swami track. Bhangra, dubstep and electropop are all blended together to create a unique dance track. It's a complex track with alot crammed into the four minutes of the song. There are some great vocals and I love how futuristic Back It Up sounds.

The difference between the Original Mix and the Desi mix is small, only the language of the lyrics changes, but this results in a subtle difference in the feel of each mix. It's hard to choose between them, but I think I prefer the Desi Mix.

There is a video to accompany the single. It's well put together with clips of Swami performing and Sups and Diamond fighting over a keyboard. Part of it gives the illusion of viewing the band's webpage on a tablet. Helpfully the  the lyrics are onscreen so you can sing along if you want to. The same video is used for both mixes but displays the different lyrics.

Both versions of Back It Up are available as free downloads from the band's website here.

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