Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nindy Kaur feat. Raftaar - BBM

Nindy Kaur, who used to save up her lunch money to buy Bhangra records, has released her new single. BBM features Raftaar who worked with RDB on We Doin' It Big. 

BlackBerries and iPhones have been mentioned in Bhangra music before, but BBM is the first track which includes a phone in its story line. The lyrics are simple, repetitive and incredibly catchy. BBM should strike a chord with women who have been annoyed by an admirer who just won't get the hint.

Raftaar's performs alongside Nindy and his vocals contrast nicely with hers. They add an extra dimension to the track and I'd like to see Nindy and Raftaar work together again. BBM has a nice mix of styles and a solid bassline that I associate with the RDB sound. It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head.

RDB's Manj joins his wife Nindy and Raftaar in the video and plays the part of guy who won't stop messaging Nindy. The video is kept relatively simple with a few clever special effects like Manj popping out of a BlackBerry. I liked the big retro speakers.

Overall, some great work from Three Records' leading lady.

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