Monday, 2 September 2013

Jassi Sidhu Shakes Hips with Superwoman

Jassi Sidhu, the former lead singer of B21 who wants to retire in 2016, has released a new single called Hipshaker. It features youtube star Superwoman.

The song is commercial with a party vibe. It is different to what Jassi usually produces and is not the style I would associate with him, but it works. Hipshaker is repetitive, catchy and I look forward to hearing it during what remains of wedding season.

While I like the song, I'm not sure of Superwoman's much hyped debut, as it slows down the momentum of the energetic track. Superwoman's solo verse in the song reminded me of Bollywood tunes which are good but have a section of bad misplaced English rap. Hipshaker is short, just three and a half minutes, far too short for vocals from a guest artist.

Like many other bhangra videos, Hipshaker is set at a party in a club. However, unlike other bhangra videos, this club is classy and the dancers have some serious moves. I particularly liked the colourful padded cell that Jassi shares with one dancer. 

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