Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tigerstyle - Zulfaan De Naag

Tigerstyle have released the fifth single from their award nominated album Digi-Bhang. Zulfaan De Naag features the vocals of Kaur B and has four official remixes.

This song was one of my favourite tracks from the album. Zulfaan De Naag is commercial, catchy and girly. Kaur B's vocals are brilliant and there is a good amount of bass.

Four producers have remixed the song each bringing their own style to Zulfaan De Naag. There is a dark and slightly sinister element in Talal Qureshi's mix that is effective. The Monstaboy remix is glamorous and is well suited to the dance floor. G-ta's remix is full of glittery bass which keeps the girly theme despite the heavy dubstep. The Wobble Maharajas remix has a nicely contrasting middle section. The remixes of each Digi-Bhang single have been something extra to look forward to and this is my favourite set of remixes.

The video accompanying the single is simple. It has a gritty urban feel to it, which completely contrasts with the glamorous girly feel of the song. This video would have been suited to many other bhangra tracks, but I would have liked something more feminine for Zulfaan De Naag.

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