Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Manni Sandhu - Sona

Manni Sandhu, the young producer who made the hit Door Ni Kulney, has bought out a video to accompany his single Sona.

The video opens with a girl showing off her outfit via facetime to Manni who is waiting for her in his car. Manni doesn’t like the amount of jewellery she is wearing and drives off to sulk in ruined building and play his vaja. The girl runs after him and takes off her jewellery in an attempt to please him. When she finally meets him, Manni stares at her neckline to make sure she has got rid of the bling before leading her off into the night.

The price of gold is at an all time high and it is snatched from women’s necks, so this song is timely. If he is concerned about her jewellery being snatched off her and he didn’t feel confident enough to protect her, he could have asked her nicely to remove it. But I don’t get why he is so upset at the girl for wearing jewellery. He acts as if she has told him she is seeing someone else. It’s hypocritical of him to say that she doesn’t need the gold when he is wearing a gold watch from D&G, driving a flash car and has big diamond earrings. Reading various comments on youtube and bhangra websites it seems I am not alone in thinking this video is hypocritical.

Manni doesn’t seem to realise how cold and controlling he comes across in the video. He even promotes it by tweeting “If you would like to see me kick off at a girl for wearing gold watch this video.” He then says “Imagine what id be like if she was wearing diamonds.” How romantic! A woman should be able to dress to please herself and not her man. If a guy asked me to take off my jewellery just because he did not like it, he would be thumped over the head with a jewellery box before being dumped. I’m perplexed as to why the girl in the video still wanted to go out with him and why she threw her gold on the road. It’s obviously not real, but even the price of fake bling has increased.

It is a shame the video is badly thought out as the song is good. I liked Door Ni Kulney and I think Manni has talent as a producer. Sona has a nice mix of modern and traditional elements and is well produced. Just because the lyrics talked about gold, there was no need to act them out in the video.

Overall this is not a great video, especially as it is releasing around Valentines. The song is good, but if you need tips on how to be a romantic boyfriend do not take them from this video.

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