Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Parichay - All New Everything Review

One of the things I hate about the music industry are release dates that get missed or are pushed back for reasons too complicated for music lovers to understand. All New Everything by Parichay was an album that was delayed. As it was released as a free download, I think his fans have now forgiven him. Despite being called All New Everything there are a quite a few songs that have been released as singles or teasers due to the delay. However, for the purposes of this review, I am ignoring the teasers and looking at tracks individually in the context of the album.

The songs on this album vary in style. There are simple bollywood style ballads, full on electronic dance anthems and gritty urban tracks. There is a nice mix of songs on which Parichay sings solo and others which feature guest artists. This ensures that no two songs sound alike and prevents the album from getting monotonous.

The album starts with Human Machine which I blogged about here. It’s a peppy start to All New Everything which also contains the singles Tum Habibi and Queen of Spades. These are great tracks and deserved their own separate release. Tum Habibi is catchy and great for the dance floor. Like the Pushkin story with the same name, Queen of Spades is dark and exciting.

Supersonic Love is a full on pumped up electronic dance track which has just the right amount of bass. The addition of RDB brings a nice touch to the song. The lyrics are catchy and easy to sing along to. Parichay mixes languages seamlessly which lead to some interesting lyrics, my favourite being “Taron pe hogi twadi janam din de party, jaan vi saath hoga we’ll be sipping Bacardi”.

Parichay’s vocals on Jogia are brilliant but the song has a shaky start which does not quite blend in with the rest of it. I do like Jogia, but I think it has too many elements and they do not fit well enough together to make a truly great song. Some of the background samples are a bit annoying and distracting. If the track was simpler it would have worked better.

Parichay likes to cram his songs with samples and fancy effects, but when he leaves these out the result is stunning. Tu Hi Zindiagi is a simple sweet song which is romantic and slow. It works well because of it’s simplicity. Sun Soniye is another simple song that allows the listener to focus on Parichay’s vocals which are lovely.

Dekha Tujhe is nice and laid back but it felt as if it should have been sung by a boy band. I was waiting for the key change and for Parichay to get off his stool just like the boy bands do. The track is saved by Riz’s vocals. Kyon is a another slow bollywood style ballad. Parichay’s vocals are good on this track but I’m not sure about Monique’s. Her vocals were nice, but I thought they interrupted the flow of the track.

Even though it was released as a teaser, Kaatil is a track that I think has been overlooked. This is a shame as it is one of my favourites. With its gritty edge and electro bass effects, this is a hidden gem. There are so many elements that go in to this song and they all work well together to make a slick sounding track.

Verdict: Despite not being all new, this album was worth the wait. Parichay is a talented artist whose vocals shine through on simpler songs. All New Everything has an appealing mix of tracks which you will find yourself singing along to in no time.

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