Tuesday, 28 February 2012

S-Endz - Do U Wanna Come?

S-Endz, vegan member of the band Swami, has released the second single from his EP Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL. Do U Wanna Come? is described by S-Endz as "an uptempo neofunk dancefloor jam, ... a homage to classic 70's funk likes james brown and the ohio players, but with a contemporary twist."

There are similarities to his last track Alone from the same EP. It was originally written in May 2008, Simon "Subs" Duggal had a hand in recording and producing it and the track received a make over before being released. Like Alone it is also available for free download but S-Endz says if you can afford to pay something for it, please do - you can pay however much or little you want.

The story of how Do U Wanna Come? came to life may be similar to Alone, but that is where the similarity ends. Do U Wanna Come?  is a full on and frantic compared to Alone's summery mellow feel. This is a track made for the dance floor and is much faster than Alone. It's nice to hear S-Endz sing solo and the production is crisp.

The next track from Chapter 0 : REINKARNAL will be released in a fortnight's time. Check back here for the Sari-Clad Speakers review.   

You can download S-Endz's new track here

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