Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bikram Singh - ELB Navdeep Inversion Mix

Bikram Singh has released a remix of Electro Love Boliyan with the single Jaaniye. The Navdeep Inversion Mix of ELB was made by New York based Navdeep who previously remixed Taakre from Bikram's first album. Like the Sunil Sehgal remix of Kinna Sohna Munda, this new mix of ELB is something that fans may not have noticed. 

There are now three remixes of ELB and the Navdeep Inversion Mix sounds the most different from the original. The original ELB is loud, unapologetic and full of bass. However the new mix is much quieter and more like a chill out tune than a dance floor filler. It is wonderfully understated and melodic. Navdeep has removed most of Bikram's vocals, something which I usually dislike. But the vocals that remain are so well integrated into the rest of the track, that I barely noticed their absence. It's ingenious of Navdeep to make everything softer rather than just add a heavy bassline which happens all too often in remixes. There is a complex combination of beats and subtle bass which work well together and Navdeep has created a whole new atmosphere in the song. He's removed the boliyan, but kept the love.

Magical things have happened when Navdeep worked with Bikram in the past and this occasion is no exception. ELB was one of my favourite tracks on and I'm glad that it has been remixed in this way. I just wish that Bikram and Navdeep could make music together more often as the results are spectacular.

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