Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jay Dabhi - Menu Tere Jeya

Jay Dabhi, the New York based DJ who used to stand on milk crates to reach the turntables, has remixed Menu Tere Jeya by Miss Pooja. The Miss Pooja song from the album Breathless has been mashed up with Last Forever by Norman Doray and Tristan Garner.

Like all Jay Dabhi mashups, this one works wonderfully. The original song, which was produced by Rishi Rich, was good but not fast enough to dance to or slow enough to be a romantic ballad. The makeover has transformed the track into a Punjabi house anthem.

Sadly Jay Dabhi has not made this track available to download as yet, but you can play it as much as you like on soundcloud. 

Edit: Now available to download via soundcloud. Get it while you can!

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