Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Katy Perry Spices Up California Gurls

Katy Perry, who performed her song Teenage Dreams t at the IPL Opening Ceremony in Chennai last night, has released a remix of her hit single California Gurls called Bolly Gurls. On twitter she stated "In honor of my visit to INDIA, here's a FREE, SPICED up version of CALIFORNIA GURLS *BOLLYWOOD MEETS HOLLYWOOD*" Remixed by Jack Raynor, the track is set against a backdrop of dance scenes from Bollywood films including Aaja Nachle, Om Shanti Om and Main Hoon Na and also incorporates the original music video for California Gurls.

While I liked the original California Gurls, I'm not sure about the remix. The Indian elements that have been added to the song are the stereotypical bols and twangy sitar which don't quite connect properly with the song. However, the video accompanying the remix is well put together. It's nice to see so many great actresses crammed into one short clip.  If you like the track you can download it here.

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