Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bilal Khan - Bhool

Bilal Khan, the guitarist who started his musical career under a tree in a University in Lahore, has released  Bhool on youtube. This is the first song from his next album Maktoob.

Bhool starts off simply and steadily builds as more instruments are added to the song. There is an instrumental break halfway through after which Bilal's brilliant vocals kick in again. Strangely for a Bilal track, there is little emphasis on his guitar. There is a guitar in the track but it blends with the rest of the instruments. The lyrics are poetic and there is a good balance between the vocals and the accompaniment.

I loved Bilal's last album Umeed and I am thrilled that he has put this single on youtube. Bhool has many signature elements of a Bilal Khan track such as Bachana. It is slow and melodic like the songs on Umeed, but the tone of Bhool is richer and it seems to have more depth which suggests that he has developed as an artist.

There are currently no release dates available for Bhool or Maktoob, but hopefully they will be on iTunes soon.

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