Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bhangra Brothers and Indira Weis - Indian Electro Pop

The Bhangra Brothers, who shot their last video in Mannheim Palace with RDB, have collaborated with German singer, actress and record label owner Indira Weis. The result is a track called Indian Electro Pop. Both the single and the video were released a month ago in  Germany, but it is only now that the song is being play listed and promoted in the UK.

Indian Electro Pop is catchy and the lyrics are in both Punjabi and English. There is plenty of bass and the style is a mix of dubstep, bhangra and pop. The different genres blend well together and don't clash with each other. The song sounds unique and very different to the Bhangra Brothers' last single Sun Baliye

The video is shot entirely in black and white with the exception of a few highlighted lyrics which occasionally flash across the screen. The lack of colour gives the video a nice retro feel. The video is simple. It flashes between shots of Indira, the Brothers, a hip hop dance group and two Bollywood dancers.

Indira, who has a German father and an Indian mother, is well known in Germany and has appeared on TV shows including the German versions of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Celebrity Come Dine With Me. As a result, the Bhangra Brothers have had some exposure in the mainstream German media. They were pictured with Indira at Berlin Fashion Week and a behind the scenes look at the video for Indian Electro Pop was featured on German television.

There is interest in Indian culture in Germany as there are many Indian themed events and Bollywood films are shown on German television. But the Asian music scene is tiny compared to the UK or US and it is clever of the Bhangra Brothers to collaborate with mainstream German artist. The Bhangra Brothers should also be praised for producing a different sound in country where Indian music often means Shah Rukh Khan or Punjabi MC.

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