Thursday, 3 May 2012

Equiped and Vacious Remix Meri Yaad Main Tum Na

Equiped and Vacious, two producers who met on soundcloud over a track called Bad Breath, have made a remix of Meri Yaad Main Tum Na. The song was originally sung by Talat Mahmood in the film Madhosh. This is the second track the duo have collaborated on.

The remix was made when Vacious stumbled across Meri Yaad Main Tum Na on youtube. He was captivated by it's soulfulness and fascinated by how old  it was as it was made in 1951. Vacious added beats and a bassline and took it to Equiped who added a few ideas of his own. The result was this remix.

Equiped and Vacious have only recently started to work together but I think their separate experiences have made the remix work wonderfully. Rotterdam based Equiped studied music technology and toured Europe as part of a live drum and bass act. Vacious took a nine year break from making music during which he moved from England to India and spent three years living there. The Indian influence and respect for the culture comes across in the music. The track is well produced, unlike some Bollywood remixes I hear, thanks to the duo's understanding and experience of production.

Sometimes producers add a heavy bassline and distracting beats to old tracks in attempt to "modernise" them but end up destroying the song in the process. However, this remix has been sensitively put together and retains the nuances of the original. Talat Mahmood's gentle voice is still audible and not drowned out by the bass. There is a mellow, melancholic tone to the track which blends well with the percussion. It is a modern remix, yet still evokes images of past times.

Meri Yaad Main Tum Na is available to stream on soundcloud along with the duo's first track Super Subah

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