Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bilal Khan - Mil Hee Gaya

Bilal Khan, the singer whose first “guitar” was a cricket bat that he used to strum along to Pakistani rock bands in his bedroom, has released  Mil Hee Gaya on youtube. This is the second song from his forthcoming album Maktoob.

Mil Hee Gaya is a short and sunny tune with a feel good vibe. In contrast to his last new release Bhool, this song is faster in pace and less dark and brooding. As usual Bilal's vocals are great. There is a lot going on in the instruments accompanying him, but thankfully they do not drown out Bilal's voice. The speed and instrumentation make this song very different to other songs that Bilal has previously released. Bilal should be praised for experimenting with new elements rather than sticking to his tried and tested ballad and guitar format.

Bilal Khan put Bhool on youtube just two weeks ago. I hope that this means the album and other songs from it will be released just as fast.

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