Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ek Tha Tiger Review

Starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, Ek Tha Tiger is about a secret agent called Tiger and is set to release on August 15th. Sohail Sen composed the soundtrack, apart from one song which was put together by Sajid-Wajid.

With 8 tracks including three remixes and an instrumental, Ek Tha Tiger sounds shorter than it actually is. I generally dislike remixes as they make the album sound repetitive. None of these remixes were better than the originals or good songs in their own right and I was disappointed they were included.

Shooting for Ek Tha Tiger has taken place in ten far flung exotic locations including Iraq, Russia, Ireland, Egypt and Turkey. Three of the main four songs seems to have a different ethnic influence, probably matching the different locations that the film was shot it. The variety is nice but there is no common thread between each of the tracks.

From the percussion to the lyrics Marshallah has a distinctly Arabic feel. If you listen carefully it seems like a sample has been copied from Paisa, which was another Katrina Kaif song. Shreya Ghoshal’s vocals are sultry and guest composers Sajid-Wajid have done a brilliant job on the track.

There is a strong Irish influence in Banjaara but it still has a Bollywood sound. Sukhwinder Singh provides some great vocals and the song is catchy. It’s different to other recent songs from Bollywood and probably my favourite on the album. The song looks like it was fun to make. Salman Khan is in his element with the thrusting, although I am not sure about the green hats.

Laapta has a Latin vibe to it and a party atmosphere. Spanish lyrics and salsa beats have been done before in Bollywood and Laapta is ok, but not one of the best. It lacks something that would make it a proper hit. As the other songs on the soundtrack are of a high standard, this is my least favourite.

The most traditional Bollywood track is Saiyaara. There is no obvious influence from another country, but it still manages to sound  slightly exotic. It’s soft and slower which adds a nice contrast to the other songs. Mohit Chauhan and Taraannum Malik sing well together and I can‘t wait to see this song in the film. 

Tiger’s Theme is an instrumental composed by Julius Packiam and I’m sure it will appear throughout the movie. Whilst nothing special, it pulls the soundtrack together and gives us a hint of what is to come in the film.

Verdict: Ek Tha Tiger is a globally influenced soundtrack for a film that was shot all over the world. It is short but full of ideas and I wanted more tracks to listen to. A good album, but skip the remixes.

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