Friday, 20 July 2012

Smooth and Nindy Kaur - Tut Gaya Dil

Nindy Kaur has released her tribute to Kully Ral of RDB who passed away in May. Tut Gaya Dil features urban rapper Smooth who collaborated with Nindy on her track in Aloo Chaat. It is a moving song with emotion from both Smooth and Nindy.

Like Yaadan, the tribute video from Manj and Surj to their brother, the video for Tut Gaya Dil is simple. Throughout the video there are clips of Kully presenting RDBtv. There are shots of Smooth and Nindy is partly shown in shadow.

Tut Gaya Dil has been written by Nindy, Smooth and Kuly's father Harjog Singh, and is scheduled for release later this month through Three Records.

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