Thursday, 26 July 2012

Take Five: Sports

The Olympics kick off this Friday and the whole world seems to have gone mad for the games. Even Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachan is a torch bearer. Here are five songs which are related to sports.

Lagaan - Mitwa
A film about beating the British at their own game of cricket which was India's entry for the Oscars. During Mitwa, Amir Khan persuades his fellow villagers to play cricket with him to get out of paying their tax. Brilliant soundtrack from AR Rahman.
Azaad - Kabadi
Even though it was played at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, Kabaddi is still not an official olympic sport. But if it was this song by eighties Bhangra band Azaad would be its theme tune. Pack full of eighties guitar and retro beats, this original version appeared on an album also called Kabadi. A slightly different version was released on Azaad's Greatest Hits compliation, but the original is the best.

Bend It Like Beckham - Hot Hot Hot
The music used in Gurinda Chada's football film is impressive. Songs by Bally Sagoo and Basement Jaxx were used. B21 also starred in the wedding scene. Hot Hot Hot played with the end credits and the actors sung along. Bina Mistry sang this version. The orginial Hindi version was sung by Babla & Kanchan, which was a copy of a Hot Hot Hot by a musician called Arrow. 

Chak De! India - Chak De! India
This rousing song was composed for a film about hockey, but as there is nothing specific to hocky in the lyrics it has been adopted for other sports. It was played when India won the Cricket World Cup and I'm sure it will be played if India win medals

Speedy Singhs / Breakaway  - Chaddi Wale Yaar
Another film about hockey, but this time played on ice and set in Canada. Bouncy and fun, this was one of the many great tracks on Breakaway, which was released as Speedy Singhs in India.

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