Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Syrene - Main Hoon Deewani

Syrene, a singer who started her career performing in shows with her father, releases her single Main Hoon Deewani tomorrow. Syrene worked with producer Shayal to make the track.

The single is repetitive and catchy. Main Hoon Deewani has a crisp beat with a modern feel. There is an electro vibe to the song, but the emphasis is on the vocals. Syrene shows off an impressive vocal range and can sing well. A recent live session on Nihal's Radio 1 programme showed her singing Bollywood style with just a guitar for support.

Main Hoon Deewani has a video to accompany it which is simple but striking. Whilst I don't think Syrene's wardrobe is outlandish enough to warrant the "Lady Gaga-esque" tag that she has been given, Syrene's sense of style is unique.Women in music videos tend to wear traditional Asian clothes or something short and tight, so it's refreshing to see something different. With the snakes wound round Syrene's arms, there is a dark atmosphere to the video which draws the viewer in. Even though I don't like snakes I could not stop watching.

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