Tuesday, 25 June 2013

M.I.A - Bring The Noize

M.I.A., who sang with Madonna and Nicky Minaj at last year's Super Bowl, has released a new video. Bring The Noize. It is produced by Switch and Surkin and is taken from her forthcoming album Matangi.

M.I.A.'s videos are always different and complex. Bring The Noize  is packed with religious imagery and opens with a Sikh guy putting on his turban and a flashing Om sign. Some of the religious references are more subtle. Everyone is dressed in white and the etched gold portraits look like they belong in a baroque church. I've been trying to find a link between the religious imagery and the song, but can't think of a clever one. 

The song is typical M.I.A. and is different to the laid back Bad Girls. The beat is catchy and has an urgent tribal feel to it. The lyrics are fast paced and there is so much packed into the track. Towards the end, the song slows down and becomes more contemplative. It's like a built in chill out to recover from the track. Different and effective.

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