Sunday, 30 June 2013

Last Played: June

Last Played is a new feature on Sari-Clad Speakers. At the end of each month I will be sharing what I've been listening to and highlighting new tracks which I didn't get round to blogging about.

Raj Bains & PBN - Superstar

Despite the average video, this is a song that has grown on me. It has a modern classic feel that reminds of the big bhangra tracks of the 90s. Raj Bains is a talented vocalist and I want to hear more from him. Perfect for playing during this year's wedding season.

Dav Virsa - Gidda Pao

This track that didn't make much of an impression on me when it was released a few months back. But it's been played alot at weddings and it's a song that works well for all ages on the dancefloor.

Rabba - Fukrey

This is not the best track from the film Fukrey, Sona Mohapatra's Ambarsariya is, but there is something slightly surreal and funny about hearing Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik pop up in a Bollywood song. Classical music has been used in Bollywood music before but never as a backing track to ballet choreography.

Imran Khan - Nai Rehna

After Imran Khan released Satisfiya, I dug out the Unforgettable album. Nai Rehna was not promoted as much as the other tracks on the album, but it is catchy.

Khabi Khabi - Title Song

After Bollywood Carmen remade this classic with awful English lyrics I had to dig out the original. Elegant, romantic and timeless, this is one song that should never be covered, remade or remixed by anyone. Ever.

Alaa Wardi - Jiya Re

There are many Bollywood tracks all over youtube, but none as unique and impressive as this. Alaa Wardi, an Iranian living in Saudi, made this track from Jab Tak Hai Jaan using no other instruments apart from his own voice and body. It's so good that even AR Rahman, who composed the original, likes it.

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