Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Superjones - Straight Ruffneck

Superjones, a producer who has worked with DCS and remixed Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's vocals, has released a new track. Straight Ruffneck features the vocals of drum and bass duo the Ragga Twins. 

The single is taken from Superjones' upcoming EP Kill The Shadow. Straight Ruffneck is a hard hitting dubstep track with a dark grimy atmosphere. There are some nice contrasts between the vocals and the introduction. According to Superjones a ‘Straight Ruffneck’ "is someone who is not afraid to go against
the norm, be different or challenge authority."

An American born Afgan artist Aman Mojadidi made the artwork for the single. It is part of a project called A Day in the Life of a Jihadi Gangster. I'm surprised it has not yet been featured on one of the many turban based style websites! 

The video for Straight Ruffneck was shot in Turkey by film student Melike Kasaplar and is unlike any music video I have seen. There is action, suspense and drama. The video is intriguing and will have you pressing repeat to try and make sense of it. I like ambiguity and how viewers have to make up their own minds as to how the story ends.

Straight Ruffneck can be downloaded from Superjones' facebook page.

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